Jamster wants to name your baby, and play FLAMES with you too!

why the foolishniss on TV must come and attack me?

now imagine my surprise when I am trying to get my 2 hours of mindless entertainment in and this comes on


yes Jamster, the site that may or may not be a scam, where people go for free cell phone ring tones


whose claim to fame is a Jersey Shore name generator as in text in your name and the words jersey shore and they will tell you wha your shore names.

popular options are chlamydia, oompah loompah, sea biscuit, and yeaaahhhh buddy

(ps iStan for jersey shore, but i know it’s garbage)


Jamster has decided to rise from the ashes like a phoenix turned to stone <–one kanye stan got that joke. lol

and offer us a baby name generator.

no me nein stammer

you can text them your name and your partner’s name and they will tell you want the baby’s name should be (for a small fee of course) <–no mention of baby gender do i guess its all names like chris and alex

In my mind it goes like that

sean and paula – la sean <-you thought i was gonna say sean paul didn’t you

peter and ann marie – peter-ann <–i actually know a few of these

zach and emily- amber <–come on now, you know it’s true

malik and latisha – malisha <—mek sense

buck and paulette -green card <–Lord i apologise but i could not help it!!!!

miley and justin – ondrugsbytwentyfive

why jamster? why yu think i would entrust the name of my child to a ‘fun text game’. and after me send di one text, is there any further to go? if i submit our names again, will it pick up another cosmically approved name for me? and how drunk do you have to be for it to be fun to text in and name your kid <–granted, after 7 appletons i can see me and my friends just combining random people in the room who hate each other and having a whale of a tale

people who subscribe to Jamster could save money by investing in pencil, scrap paper, and cayliss fren.

dem have one weh tell yu if you and yu partner a go mek it and how unnu relationship a go end up

where i come from that is called FLAMES

and fi every man me did like inna high school, me a me fren dem name all 5 pickney long time

tsks tsk tsk jamster, stealing childhood fun and mass producing it for the technological age without the giggling, blusing and poking fun at each other, which were the best part

shame on you!


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