dear man in the ncb line

While I understand that the rugrats rerun that is presently providing background muzak may not be your cup of tea.
*NCB sawt out yuself, I doan come here to watch old cartoons pon grainy tv. If me a watch rugrats me at least waan di new one. And me can get yu a celine dion greatest hits CD fi a price. Worse like how di line long and di teller dem a move slow…only the haunting strains of my heart will go on can calm the wild and wooly beast that is 75 Jamaicans with a failing a/c on a friday afternoon in a line weh long like river road. Fi yu own safety, link me fi di CD*
So, sir, I realise you may not like the offerings
But does that mean we must listen to whatever you have on your phone at top volume complete wid you singing along
No we don’t care if yu tek weh har virginity
We really don’t enuh.
If yu don’t have headphones
Listen to people conversation like me
Or turn the music down low and hold the phone to yu ears
A jamaica one dem sittn yah gwaan enuh
Put di phone inna yu likkle neck bag and tun it up and all a talk loud so people can hear yu ova di noise
Kiss me teeth
And one gyal really in yah mek him a look har wid di damn sittn a sing out enuh

Please see the pic of the dumb ass bag that’s hanging from his neck halter top style

See it deh
One old man start holla bout why di numbah nah call
Him all have him heineken a drink inna di bank
And neck bag a narrate di whole incidnet wid di man
Di mutiny has started
And 20 people still in front a me
A wonder if di old man waan share him beer


6 Replies to “dear man in the ncb line”

  1. LOL! every thursday and friday i have to go thru listenin to bearers playing ‘tump ar up tump ar up’ and all sorts of nastiness from the cockroach/croakin lizard… i mean movado/kartel

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