judgement day is coming!!! <–book your advertising slots now

not to be outdone by all those 2012 fanatics
Family radio in canada has decided to capitalise on the forgotten armageddon, may 11 2011 (and incidentally the one that will turn over the most advertising revenue THIS YEAR)
Its like december 21, 2012 is beyonce
May 11 2011 is solange
People know about it
But really the only ones paying attention are the ones with a vested interest and deep commitment
I enjoy solange’s new age nubian dookie braids and corinne bailey rae knock off hairstyle as much as the next guy
And iStan her ability to form an opinion and share it unlike beydiplomat
But I digress
So no one’s gonna pay attention to an armageddon they don’t know is coming
Let’s get a billboard on wheels up in this b*tch
*sales of tin foods rise*
And since the revolution may not be televised but it will be on twitter
Let’s get this mutha on a web page
*bottled water sells out*
And then….let’s give the armageddon an official media home, kinda like jazz and blues, but scarier <–well unless dem try bring diana ross again
We can get the CEO that new SUV
And re-do the soundproofing on studio B
And get rid of all the mics that are held together with duct tape

I wanna thank the Bible for never giving us an official date so companies across the globe can milk the ending of the world every 2 years or so

God, you must be having a good ol' laugh but you get many new souls so…I love you, but you got a strange sense of humour.


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