juveniles with spinners…ahhh the sweet signs of success

lawd chile

since me stop watch tv some time back if me waan know what us negroes,….erm…blacks...erm…persons of colour are listening to me haffi go 106 and park website because dem upload di fooliniss FRESH


every few years or so an 8 year old comes along with the backing of some industry insider and we are to believe they are the future

lil bow wow

lil romeo

lil (insert name here) <–you know the type

they pose around cars whose steering wheels they can’t see over, pose with video chicks 10 years and 3 feet over them

and talk about mackin on honies and making paper <–.i always silently fill in ‘mache pinata for school’#

plus usually them have some wicked jheri curl or odda stand out hair style. dem come fi win.


welcome lil niqo (no U. the U is so 2010)

since wayne refuses to give it over i guess the lil thing is more height than age. i can dig it. romeo hit 5 foot and braps! him nuh likkle agen. a-woh!)

me waan yu tek een niqo a say him live life in di fast lane


pon di go kart track?

down a chuck-e cheese?

me hear him say him nuh wear di same ting twice

dat mean yu have money! (yu mumma money)

although…when him come inna di proper voice and enunciate and say let’s get somethinG undeRstood. i feel like if i keep it real i can hit the hood….me like him swagger

okay then

thats how i feel <see what happens when they start rapping fresh out of nappies…

they’ve just learned to speak and haven’t gotten comfortable enough with the language to bastardise it like the older people

nahskeenameani? <—i kid you not. it’s a real term

did he just swipe his credit card in the arcade machine?

mercy: ‘no!’

is he wearing a froot loops pendant

a bedazzled froot loops pendant?

what can i say…its age appropraite

i applaud him

when you’re that age what could you be stuntin with but some toys outta come cereal boxes?

*silently becomes a fan*

ohh please realise, his friend is none other that lil p nut who you may or may not remember took the ellen show by storm

and who has his own video


these are franchise players

thats wayne and juvenile back in the day

that’s drake and nicki minaj son!

get into lil p nut and tell me u nuh waan see him a  di nex church bar b q


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