dear condensed milk


well, maybe not

but dear dear sweet condensed milk. how i love thee

i put you in my coffee, i put you in my tea

i put you on hardo bread when i think no one can see

i cannot explain how much you mean to me

sometimes i pour you from the can right on to my finger

and even when i’ve licked it off your sweet taste will linger

i pity half and half americans for not knowing this joy bringer

betty would be my name if i were a singer

ohh beloved condensed milk you really can do it all

somtimes i mix you wid di milo and make malt balls

i feel a pang of pain every time you fall

so i lick off di milk tin to make sure i  get it all

-the end-

<a title=”how to write a verse like Nicki Minaj *this track brought to you by the young money song generator.*

doan judge me!

if you never siddung fronta yu tv wid two slice a hardo bread and some nestle milk pon it half a yu life gone (unless you are diabetic in which case following my advice would mean all a yu life gone, read and enjoy do not try)

wah can nice so?

all creamer coulda stop sell if a me

and sugar mek fi go inna mint tea

and nuh gwaan like u nuh clean off di side a di tin wid yu fingah and nyam it off, all in the name of ‘conservation’

condensed milk now and forever.

condensed milk put di C inna jamaica


3 Replies to “dear condensed milk”

  1. hilarious! the ppl in my office are gonna think im mad because of u and the condensed milk!!!

    humourous as this is … i must say that i dont share ur …. enthusiam. condensed milk must go in milo and chocolate tea only!!!!! ive heard so many ppl with the bread and c.milk think but i just dont get it … too sweet man!!!

    1. nooooo man
      yu try it?
      yu haffi have a big cup a ice water side a yu fi wash it down
      and di bread haffi fresh so di milk can sink een
      believe me man
      its greeeeaaattt. tony tiger style

      1. lawd ave mercy!!!! yuh ave it down to ah science!!!

        im gonna have to find a friend who shares ur …. enthusiam and try it when they are having it

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