things that confuse me….darking out

and not just ‘dark-ing out’  <–a jamaican term that refers to being uncontrollably angry and incapable of rational thought or being reasoned with

my issue is with people who do it regularly

you know the kind of people you can’t expect to handle any kind of tricky situation because they will fly off at the handle and be unable to control themselves

is that real?

or is that just an excuse to be triflin without consequences?

the way I see it is, everybody has that one thing that will push them over the edge


if yu buck up yu man inna bed wid yu best fren chances are smaddy a get mauled and all you will remember is the ladylike gasp you made when you walked through the door and saw them. but every day? inna every situation? yu cyaan even ask somebody fi stop  tapping them foot inna di doctor’s office because yu a go dark out pon dem?

no man

me feel say di time yu tek a accept say yu dark, and a come to a place weh yu can give people disclaimer bout yuself, yu coulda sekkle down inna yuself and work through a ting

a me one?

me nah say yu cyaan a go through a rough patch enuh. me know say right now me nuh inna me right mind and me jus a keep miself to miself caw blood bank have shortage and me nuh able

but it cyaan be a way of life fi be dark

dark til yu cyaan even see yuself?

no man.

sawt out yuself

there is nothing cute about being dark and it is only attractive if you are a green giant and this is the box office

otherwise it’s just an epic fail. fix up yuself. hold yuself accountable to yuself and reason through some tings man

a nuh fi we job fi deal wid yu darkness

a yu fi find battery fi yu flashlight

AA sell a shop

and if you don’t i’m a eat your brains AAARRGGHHHHH *rips off shirt and turns green*


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