things that piss me off…wah yu know bout me? more dan me?

people who act like they know people better than they know themselves

yeh you’ve known me for years…thanks for sticking around

and you’ve been privy to my deepest emotions….yu mus special sah

but please doesn’t ever tink you knows me better dan me knows miself

and here is why

me live wid miself  all day every day

and fi everyting me think and  tell yo, there are 10 things i don’t. and of that 10 things, about 5 are relevant to the thing we are discussing right now. and yes i need your input, but nuhbadda feel seh caw me ask fi it dat mean seh yu know me own mind better dan me

all when me lose it, a still my mind

and a still me know whaa gwaan in deh

and yes, sometimes when people deep inna a situation it hard fi dem see out and look at all di odda factors

and dem act blindly

but please, fi di sake a yu frenships, never get self righteous and mistake objectivity for knowing a person better than they know themselves. you can’t. even when there are things about them they don’t accept…they know them

dem selfish….dem know and nuh care enough bout you fi change

dem a fraidy cat….dem know and scared fi accept it

dem love tief people man…dem know but its more thrilling fi live inna di lie

yu see.

dem know….a jus fi dem do di work fi turn di knowing inna knowledge

nuh feel yu smarter dan dem caw yu see dem clearly. and trus me if yu try tell a smaddy who dem is, dem will stop seek yu out.



dissect if asked

when yu see dem a block summn, push lightly, when dem push back too much, back off likkle and try again

but remember, dem cyaan push back, if dem nuh know which button yu a push

di fact seh dem a try block it, mean dem know di button dede





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