armageddon sex is the best

well, its being rumoured that the world will end in the next 11 days so it comes as no surprise that artists have done the one thing they do best…turned it into a new form of sex

remember the 60’s- freeee sex

the 70’s- leisure suit sex

the 80’s madonna sex/shoulder pad sex

the 90’s round the way sex/hood sex

2000’s alien sex

seems to me like the end really is near

at present there are two armageddon rumours making the rounds, the one slated to occur on may 21, 2011 as predicted by Harold Camping of Family Radio who discovered the date by applying mathematical principles to Biblical scripture

(he also predicted there would be an armageddon in 1994 but. well. we’re still here. but there’s nothing to say he couldn’t be right this time around)

the second being that the world will end on December 21, 2012 as suggested by the end of the mayan long count calendar which has correctly predicted several historical events so far

(this is where i pause to point out that they killed all the Mayans, when you’re entire village is being wiped out by genocide, finishing up a calendar really isn’t high on your list of priorities)

i had already elucidated <–word of the day ! on the difference between these two competing ends of the world in a previous post <a title=”judgement day is coming!!! “judgement day is coming!!!

today i would like to talk about the fact that all the singers are suddenly so preoccupied with the end of the world

that’s normal

but have somehow turned it into a means of getting easy sex

less normal, but certainly more typical of man kind

yes…armageddon sex: sex that is had with a veritable stranger or under less than ideal circumstances but which occurs despite these usual deterrents because we will all soon die so we should cherish every moment left through our penises and vaginas.

it seems to me that ‘the world is coming to an end’ has just surpassed ‘talking to the ugly friend’ as the one thing a man can do to guarantee entry into the baggy.

don’t believe they’re obsessed?

please bear witness

exhibit A

tonight, i want all of you tonight, give me everything tonight, for all we know, we might not get tomorrow….grab somebody sexy tell ’em hey, give me everything tonight.

seeit deh,Β  how me fi argue wid a man who have di inside track on the end end of the world, and if fire and brimstone really a come don’t i at least owe myself one more friendly roll in the hay, and since he’s here…well…he had style he had flair he was there.. u know the story.

Exhibit B

she’s more covert wid it: See the sunlight . We aint stoppin’. Keep on dancing till the world ends . If you feel it let it happen. Keep on dancing till the world ends <-are you really talkin about dancing britney…we know you got that bum knee and all. and usher and kartel done buss di secret bout wah unnu a hide and do inna di crowd…anywho. me nah cast no aspersions

Exhibit C

PG Armageddon sex aka armageddon love.

yu nuh see whaa gwaan, people just get an all expense paid trip to caylissniss because dem nah live long enough fi deal wid di consequences

yu know wah woulda sweet me, if di world nuh end, and all a unnu end up down town a try buy red and black pill fi address di itch and di scratch <–if yu dont know what the red and black pill do find a big smaddy orΒ  a ghetto smaddy and sawt yuself out.

all a di girl dem raise up offa dem scruples and all a di man dem raise it up in the sky. the world is ending, get your rapturous freak on!


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