digicel VIP, wah me look like iRobot?

i know Digicel fancies themselves to be very user friendly with their pantheon of text activated services

BB by text

VIP by trext

International calling plan by text

and on and on the list goes

usually there is some nifty little three digit code you enter that starts you on your process  then friendly little SMS messages like benevolent fairies guide you along your way.


the one exception I have found is setting up and friends and family VIP

first of all, why can’t i start the process with just the *145#?  and when i send that, why doesn’t the response i get just tell me the correct code rather than flinging me a number for some community information centre?

anyways…u figure out is *145*group size#

good. going well. select di summn weh seh me waan di cheap plan wid di limited ‘unlimited’ talk time

select di summn weh seh everybody a pay fi demself <–wah me look like? sugar mama? brite

now it gets interesting

dem a go text me an tell me say me mus add the numbah me waan inna di group wid me in this format


me start feel like me under pressure

now, here this story can take one of two roads,

road 1) if you are a blackberry or other smart phone user and you have the option of copying and pasting you while away the time selecting, copying, pasting and sending with no stress at all


*ominous music*

if you are not a blackberry user you encounter

road 2) a mad scramble to find a piece of paper to write down the code and format and a silent memo to yourself to take some gingko because yu cyaan memba dis

the plot thickens

now yu must confirm *145* FIVE DIGIT CODE YU STILL CYAAN MEMBA*2 …no 1… no2? is two right?

goes back to message to double check and goes back to confirm again

*sigh of relief, a part of your brain thinks it knows the code, the next part will be chicken feed*


in order to complete this mission and reached the promised land of free-ish calling the person on the otherside must enter the following

*145*five digit code they do not know*FOUR DIGIT CODE THEY DO NOT KNOW*1#




you’re so excited about having made it through you call the person immediately to celebrate

now digicel, my idea of something that is easy, is something that does not involve my making notes…school was not easy, hence i had to make notes. see where i’m going with this?

why yu a ask me fi memba all dem number yah fi di likkle free calling

me fava morpheus

a di matrix dis inna black and green a stream past?


nuh everybody have BB, some people haffi do manual enter and me nuh see why di likkle set up must feel like a pass or fail

or in digicel talk *198*sawt yuself out*sooner rather than later* 1#

thank you for choosing mooretalkja


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