weave it until you achieve it. kartel’s luxurious mane?

there must be a place in this world where mercy can shout NO! NO! NO! and people contemplating foolywang can walk by and hear the sound and reconsider their actions. It would save the individual interventions poor mercy must make on a daily basis.

so i have happened across this picture claiming to be of Kartel rocking that remi honey

that yaki

that hawaiian silky in the # 1 gurl

don’t try to act like his hair ain’t luxurious when it is.

*whips it good yeah*

i don’t know if is him, a nuh my camera phone him use tek it

and me cyaan see di whole heap a tragedy tattoo dem pon him body fi identify him <–yu know all bleachers fava

but di fish underbelly face wid di crayola black lip look like him fi true

anyways, of course people a go pretend fi be up in arms over it…man a wear fake hair! eediat ting dat! blah blah blah

scare dem may even resurrect briefly to remind people that bad man nuh dress like girl

(though i've seen drops curls on more than a few of them, but i digress)

but in the long run i believe all will happen is miss chin will have to double stock on the nappy annie for those who can't afford it, the remi for those who can, and the afro curly for those who wanna keep it real <—black power!!

i suspect at first the women will buy on the men's behalf, and they will pretend, much as women used to, that the tonic did it for them. The magical and blessed gift of over night growth.

but over time, and with addi's ever evolving hairstyles <–me feel say a bang woulda suit him, summn fi distract from di forehead. Like rihanna widout di red.

i find men will come out of the closet as weavers

ya gotta sew it til you grow it honey!

Plus me nuh see wah di big deal, yu tink a di fus time man add een hair? Chile please look again wid di two a yu eye, how u mus go from a low afro to shoulder length twist over night? Me nuh care how yu african and have shrinking hair, nobody hair can achieve day feat.

i will go on the record as saying i'm not 100% convinced it's kartel. but, you be di judge

if a him

me a open a hair shop

cus sales out fi spike

run eeeeen. recession done!


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