aloe blacc …cleansing the industry one song at a time

i don’t know if it’s his unapologetic dance moves <–complete with kung fu kicks

or his snazzy low ‘fro

or his psychedelic mustard shirt

something about aloe blacc is very dapper to me….though i am not so sure about this name…oop his real name is egbert. i see what he’s running from

maybe the aloe mean him cool, or him come fi purge di industry, me nuh sure


this baby inna di fuschia suit is breaking it down and a buss me pon some a di original pop and lockin move dem

and him afro more authentic dan some tings weh di black panthers did have

also…any song weh people are described as plain and simple evil…i like

it has a nice kinda retro groove without going overboard on the we are old school vibe

like if amy winehouse had a black cousin

i can dig it

go brotha!


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