tourist board gone 21st century…flash mob in union square

if yu come een like me yu have no idea what a flash mob is, but based on the phonology of the term you probably figured it out.

it is when a bag a people suddenly gadda gadda up somewhere and buss out inna one big performance and then, very often, just run weh…i mean disperse.

anyways, JTB come een like dem a look pon youtube and realise seh di flash mob ting is not just for fat boy slim videos anymore, so dem arrange one

(although, strictly speaking, a flash mob for advertising, is not a flash mob, i guess it would just be a not so choreographed performance)


see it yah, live and in living youchube

me love!

yu know wah me like bout da flash mob ting yah, yu nuh need no real dance training or actual skill enuh, jus a willingness fi wiggle up yuself in front a strangers. unnu see how missa chen a gallang bad?! walk out pon dem.

me tink me a go arrange one fi me next birthday

yu know wah di nex ting me like…say thunder clap and wacky dip rule di day. me memba one time me say thunder clap a di official UWI dance, but a di official jamaican dance now.

*mr. wacky is gone but his dancing lives on*

and we clearly know who the choreographer is, that would be the gentleman doing the advanced version of the dances, in the shirt with the arms cut real deep and the mesh merino under it <–is a real yardie dat

yes the one that is giving all kinds of face.

me wonder how dem audition fi dis? me waan join. me can do dem dance yah, kinda to the beat.

den see yah now, roll out the carpet fi di people dem. see wah dem a try say

Jamaicans nuh fraid a nuttn- bob sled team man

Jamaicans believe in equality- basketball woman

Jamiacans have brains- chess grand master man

see it deh, we are the perfect country!

an nuh ask if di tourist board people dem nuh sneak een an set up information desk while di dance a gwaan (though i think i saw someone get trampled, all me see a dem a wheel to the back, through the flying hands and feet, with a look of confusion pon dem face)

right now 50 people inna union square a book ticket fi fly come a yard

tourist board. me salute yu.

all yu did need a di big banner a di girl wid di wet see through shirt, and sales woulda double fi di year

unnu a keep di ting new and fresh

me proud a unnu

gold start for you

**disclaimer- no jiffy pink dye was harmed in the making of this  film


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