who remember just for me?

i want style body and shine

a look thats totally all mine

hair so soft silky and free

i want something just for me

just for meeeeeeeeee

try know seh me sing da song yah at least once a week to date.


yu cuddn tear me weh from me just for me

after me hair just tall down inna me back so

and it all a bounce when me walk and it shine

and since its formulated by mothers for their daughters its kid friendly aka will only remove the first 3 layers of your scalp and will not blind you immediately if it gets into your eyes, but rather gives you some strange inexplicable sudden blindness several years down di road

worse it smell fruity unlike sta sof fro <–this was in the days before motions.

and it have colour alarm weh turn pink when it touch di creme fi mek yu know weh fi wash out

me did waan ever ribbon and bubbles and scrunchy weh inna di pickney dem head

and di lambada skirt and crepe dem too

just for meeeeeeeeee

giving black babies scalp burn since 1993

ps…if you are a rasta and come from a rasta family this post may not ring any bells for you. we go through many things living in babylon, most of them involving lye.


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