don’t you just hate it when you’re typing a password…

one of those long ass google approved passwords

the type that’s rated as strong and has numbers in upper and lower case and abstract characters


Wh&mYn@mE15s/imSHad3 <–yeh, it makes a word

dont you hate when you’re half way through this garbage- that the triflinness of the content of your inbox and your own paranoia drove you to

and the phone rings

and suddenly its a race to finish composing this technological opus before the phone stops ringing

because you don’t want to have to start over

and you’ll never remember where you are

i have let phone calls go by unanswered to finish typing passwords

i have caller ID, i do NOT have the patience to be pressing shift so many times


i remember a time when you could use your favourite colour as your password and let that be that

but now

errbody tryin hack into your account and sheeit

people tryna see who you be talkin to and sheeit

they be tryna steal your identity and sheeit

it’s so tacky

so how i gotta write like i’m wall-e to keep my business to myself


i give them *theeverlastingsideeyeofcripplingdissapointment* on this one


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