love is a doing word…literally yu haffi fit

yu ever wonder why inna di movies and music videos people who in love always  skip and a frolic through fields and down the beach?

is like dem fall in love inna mi miggle a manhattan

and all of a sudden yu turn round an a laundry dat yu see a flap

white linen sheets blowing in a lilac scented breeze

and a girl

in a sundress <–she was in a pinstripe pant suit minutes ago…but we nah mention that

and a boy running through the drying clothes


people cyaan siddung and be in love?

and what are they saying…is there a fitness requirement for happiness?

if me cyaan run fi an hour straight me nuh fi get smaddy too?

and me and me smaddy mus spen di day a sweat and dry and sweat and dry?/

we a go mowly.

like all dis now….(skip to 01:36)

weh dem a run from? smaddy a chase dem?

is there a mob of love haters running behind them wanting to throttle them for being so corny?

and then mariah she now. suppose di man never ready fi di jump? a tumble him woula tumble over enuh

skip to 05:52

me understand exuberance, di mission done and a di last day a filming but she cyaan walk up to him?

or do di dougie or summn?

she put me in a mind a when yendi did bus di double turn and flip di hair pon dem

gay stans around the world rejoiced!

i believe according to TV land our ideal love relationships would be full on contact sports. I suppose if you look at sex as a real and meaningful physical activity, it would be useful to warm up first so yu nuh pull nuttn and get strain muscles and all dese tings

i believe in movie romance land this is the best falling in love scene of its era

it has heath ledger <–i miss him

julia stiles <–you saw her dance to that B.I.G

colours <-we love colour

physical activity <–and stinging pellets but we dont mention that part

and hay/dirt <–yes, love is always better when its a little rough and tumble and you have wisps of hay to brush out of the person’s hair (and some paint fi daub daub dem up wid)

an finally….this is a little less love and a little more something else

but apparently when you are involved with a person, some type of competitive sport have to come into it it as well

either some foot race

or me nuh know

turning cart wheels

all dese tings

if yu nuh have a fighting spirit and a will to win apparently yu jus a go be alone

i will put my money behind some twister

and perhaps a spitting contest

after that honey i’m done

put me in front of the TV and turn on the Big Bang Theory if you can live with my nerds you ain’t gotta slam dunk a thing

just do not talk while sheldon is on

however….if i was going to buy into this love as exercise for the heart, biceps, and quads thing….it would probably look like this

in real life i would probably set up the little hoop and then get distracted teaching myself how to spin the ball on my finger, and lose the evening watching youtube videos and giving myself a callous

but its a good idea

as for all the rolling in the grass and kicking up sand…i’m not sure where you live, but a nuh every body live wid deers pon di border of a pretty meadow

some of us fall in love in the towns and cities

and some of us didn’t run high school track

i’m just saying

i know love is like a verb and what not

but so is sit


One Reply to “love is a doing word…literally yu haffi fit”

  1. Oh gosh, how I was laughing…
    And then I came to the part about Heath ledger. And I could read no more.
    I love him. I miss him. He could do no wrong!
    You damn skippy that he’d be an integral part of a romance-y scene 🙂

    Now to finish reading 🙂

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