macka diamond wants her cow foot….*hint hint* thats a code word

for what you may ask

i will give you three guesses.

1.- yu wrong

2. still wrong

3. dead wrong

cow foot is code for man parts. now i’ve heard it called many things but this one now….

yu know wah cow foot fava?

yu know weh cow walk inna, mud and dirt and usually it’s own cow poop

and a dat she waan put inna har….pot?

macka, me love yu enuh. but me nuh sure me can put me money behind da one yah

even though yu a try yu best fi convince me seh the cowfoot big and it long til it bend

and yu nuh waan none weh look like nook but

macka that is not goin near my vajay jay

me seh no

mercy say no

gynecologists across the world say no

just no.


see di dong here


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