sharon jones 100 nights. big smaddy sittn

yu know weh me like bout sharon jones

sharon jones is a big ooman

a long time big ooman

all har name sound big ooman-ish

hell, it sound jamaican…sharon have a sisten name janet….me sure…and a cousin name marcia

she nuh have time a waste a pretend wid all a dem pickney sittn yah

she nah try wear no alexander mcqueen

and she certainly nah mash up har foot dem wid glitter stillettos

sharon jus comb up har hair nice

put on har sparkly earrings and her nice tina turner dress and come wid her bongos come sing out har tripe

and she a gi it t yu rent a tile style

cool and deadly

fi di grown

she nuh even care if yu feel it sexy

sharon a buss da one yah fi di grown folks

and i like it

it mek yu tap yu foot an buss a likkle rock and nuh ask if yu nuh feel yu can sing along

go sharon. you just go!


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