that moment when you realise you’re too old to die young

It hasn’t happened to me yet<—the moment, not the dying young
But since I've had it in my mind that this is the year I die, every year since about age seven, I've always imagined people saying 'so sad, so young'
But as I continue inching ahead, alive <–good news
I draw ever nearer to the time when they won't say that
And now what?
I haven't done anything so big that they will remember my name (remembah remembah)
And I'm not young enough for my sheer unmet potential to drive people to tears
So me mus jus dead so?
No one to mourn but me frens and family? <–not that they are not enough but I'm just saying, where is the viewing line at national arena?
No bahbah
Dis is not di life for me
Since me cyaan dead young
On to plan B
Me a go dead a star!

Sex tape dropping within the next two weeks
Reality TV series this fall
And I'll be getting my Masters online in the mean time
Perfume in 2015 <— if di world nuh end
And after that..the world

Hey, this isn't so bad after all
Good thing I didn't die young
*knock on wood*

*cue theme from FAME*

Where's my camcorder?


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