poemtry: and if the world ends

(in light of the tremor/earthquake  that just happened in jamaica a while a go, this shook outta my brain <–yes, ever dramatic, a me dat)

before we…


i promise i will search for you

in the next life

if we have one

i will sift through the rubble of my memory

to conjure up your face

i will look in the back rooms of my heart

for the faint, faint glimmer of your soul.

i promise.

if time runs out on us

if we don’t get it together

before it falls apart

i will carry you with me

to wherever i go

and if my feet touch soil again

by the ganges

or the nile

or back by the martha brae

i will seek you out

in the people i walk by

in the silent nights

when all are asleep

and only spirits are around

i will look for you

if we don’t become

if we…

our love is like a promise

and here is where we make it

if here

is gone

and we are just a thing floating

a constant thought

with no feet

i will look for you

by walking

or by willing

or by laying my soul on the new ground

if it ends

before we begin

and we get a chance to start again

i will look for you

©  Mooretalkja


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