yu ever a go through smaddy fb pics (tiefin cassie)

and see a picture of them inna some article of clothing weh yu cannot find from when

so ’til yu did all start wonder whether yu ever did own it

and suddenly yu memba

dat one night they were staying by you and never have anything to wear

or you went to their house and had to pack in a hurry and you never double check tings

and then you have the moment where you have to decide how you REALLY feel about this

but more importantly, if yu a go ask back fi di piece a clothes…

is a whole heap a tings a gwaan inna yu mind enuh

what is the statute of limitation on a blue shirt? six months, a year.

at what point does it become tacky to ask back for it

and ….will it even be worth it?

like how dem have it a moggle inna, isn’t it safe to assume it probably wash out and stretch out and smaddy tek dem bleach hand and touch it…

or it smell like di smaddy perfume, di one weh yu cyannat stand?

and…how yu jus suddenly memba di shirt outta di mauve

so many years yu never mention it, how come it spring to mind

and how do you bring it up, yu call and say it just so, beat around the bush a bit the say hey, you know what i remember, one weeken when you stayed by me, like two years ago and we went out…and you wore my blue shirt,….i haven’t thought about that shirt in so long <–half lie, you hadn’t thought about it in so long until 17 minutes ago when you saw them in it on facebook. now you’ve been thinking of nothing else….i wonder whatever happened to the shirt?

and then if the smaddy nuh offer up the info…yu haffi decide if dem a either natural born tief, or dem num memba seh a your shirt or maybe dem jus folla fashin and go buy one jus like yours

what does one do in this crisis?!

well, there is the  one option….you go under the fb picture and with a smile one your face…so the message has a smile implied, type….’heyyyyy, i know that shirt :)’ and depending on your reputation and what people will let you get away with you add ‘gimme back me tings’

i mean you do have the option of the very daria-esque ‘isn’t that my blue shirt?’

but then you’d really have to decide if you want that friend, and since the armageddon is nearing i believe we should strive for peace.

damn you facebook

you cause so much grief

look how yu can tun people good good fren inna tief <–a rhyme!


2 Replies to “yu ever a go through smaddy fb pics (tiefin cassie)”

  1. Try going to your aunt’s house and seeing clothing (including underwear) on the line outside and thinking (WOW i have that exact same thing! What are the odds!!). Only to realise that you don’t have the exact same thing cuz Cousin Ole Teef that came over to change for a carnival fete nab it while u watching tv outside!…….

      cousin ole teef. lol. dat soun like a real name
      when dem start tief underwear u know deh tings gone from bad to worse
      and dem will wear a full suit a yu clothes and nuh feel bad enuh
      no kinda guilt
      all walk up to yu inna it and a offer hug#
      these people

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