don’t you just hate (subliminal ring tone)

songs that have things in them that sound like messenger alerts or ring tones.

you peacefully listening to your frank ocean (see what i did there, subtle stan-ing, but with honesty)

and then all of a sudden yu swear yu hear smaddy message yu pon gmail or facebook

so yu run now, excited say smaddy a chat to yu, or preparing to ignore the message…either one

and realise seh nuttn nuh dede

or yu swear yu hear phone a ring

and start check all type a tings, even though it nuh sound like your ring tone yu a check if maybe smaddy mess wid di settings pon yu phone

or yu a look unda chair and all dese tings in case smaddy leff dem phone a yu yard

and sometimes…is not until like the third play through of the song that it dawns on you…its in the song….

and you have that moment, where you judge yourself, for being an eejit.

and silently thank God you didn’t share this with anybody else.


i hate that

it happens more often than i’d like to admit

but i still hate it

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