dear people in the fontana parking lot

i understand that you are giving that giant cardboard cheque you are holding to those children and it will benefit them in some way

and for that we say thanks

i also understand that you want recognition for what you are doing…who wouldn’t?. which is why you have arranged this photo op surrounding the cheque hand over

what i do not understand is why this photo shoot is taking place under one of the half dying palm trees in this hot ass barren parking lot

with rapid true value, and the chinese food place and somebody beat up beat up car in the background

me know unnu nuh just give out money just so

di amount a bureaucracy dat cheque haffi go through before it reach di pickney dem i can only imagine

so it cannot be dat unnu never know dis day was comin fi tek di necessary steps fi secure a proper venue

me a look fi di station wagon enuh

caw me sure what happened was unnu pack up di pickney dem from di schools, fling dem inna di car back and just start drive til unnu see green

me see di camera man a struggle fi cut out di piece a hiace mini bus weh a try come een pon di right side

and the nissa sunny weh deh ova di left

and di pickney dem a dehydrate inna di heat weh a reflect up from offa di barber green

do better man

find somewhere wid a grass patch more dan 12 inches wide

me see bout 5 different uniform, yu mean none a dem school deh nuh have one patch a land?

kiss me teeth

see yu all a use di big cheque a fan



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