james pants welcomes you to fraggle rock …i mean thin moon

this is how it went down….

i was listening to my play list and decided to support youtube’s attempts at mind control by clicking on one of the links to the right

supposedly based on what i’m listening to, i should also enjoy those things

recently though it seems regardless of what i’m listening to they think i’ll enjoy listening to rinana’s  what’s my name

but i won’t even draw the curtains to make the #shade on that one.

so i click and move back to my facebook work e-mail page

and di song start

and me a enjoy it enuh

me click back now fi mek a executive decision as to whether or not i should add it to a play list

and land up clear a fraggle rock

this video is giving me all kinda things

micheal jackson in rock with you

the finger puppets dem did have inna kindergarten

the original dracula

but after di ballerina appear wid him head a fall like cheerios me jus could not go no further wid dis man


him mad enuh.


but me like him  <—who is shocked by this? nobody.


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