yu ever jus get di best gift ever



me nuh sure weh fi say

generally when dem turn yu real life inna music video pon youtube is a bad sign

yu see when him start beat di box now, and di poor sister she a try get in pon di action

well an know seh once it come outta di box she will never touch it again <–a nuh one bredda me have, me know wah me a chat say

all me atink a how him a go tek it outta di box and it nah go work sake a how him mash it up wid di drum beating

and when him start seh roaaar and phwoaar and all dem sittn deh

yu know bout joy joy joy joy down inna yu heart?

and peace surpassing understanding and all dese tings?

like how him say him can go rent di game dem a blockbuster now

yu know how long him a eyes dem game deh

di ‘mount a time da yute yah just win

it mek me haffi fi just look pon him


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