does this happen to anybody else – tech overload

So, because I’m a technoholic<—its mandatory these days for everybody but the amish
and because I have that ADD that everybody in my generation and the one below have developed I am clearly usually using more than one communication device at a time
The fact that I do this does not mean I am mentally advanced enough to handle it
As such
Sometimes there will be a glitch in the matrix
*dons leather jacket*
Today I was having a bb conversation with someone
And posted my response to their question as a status comment on a facebook page
Somebody… else’s… facebook page
On a status that several people had liked and would thus be notified of the snafu
The response was unrelated and would either give the impression that I am certifiable (not new) and/or living cayliss life (slightly newer)

and all you can think is “jesas crise jesas crise, dem a go see it, dem a go see it!’

Word to the wise
One thing at a time
Type where yu typin til it done
then move on to the next one


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