yu ever about to walk into a store

and the yu stop and evaluate how much damage yu can do inna di store

and wah it a go cost yu fi rectify

before yu enter

like while ago

i am walking on the plaza and i pass a store that sells lamps and lighting fixtures

they are pretty and shiny and the ferret in me is instantly attracted

i turn to walk in and then i stop….

let’s think about this now

laps and lighting fixtures = glass= easy to break

they are displayed on pedestals = high centre of gravity = easy to topple

i am carrying a bag = additional options for contact my (my own body PLUS the bag) = summn definitely a go get bruck

i am having a bb convo = i am required to walk and chew gum = SEVERAL things definitely a go get bruck

not to mention that the lamps are displayed in some stylish maze like pattern that is exciting to look at but for me would require too much hand-eye and foot-eye coordination to make any potential joy i would glean from entering or even purchasing worth it

with that i turned, looked back down into my BB, and walked away

it’s fine

i saw everything through the window anyway

and i’m not in the market for a lamp right now.


i’m good



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