have you ever….digicel 25 after 5 trickery

yu ever deh pon a call wid smaddy and dem put yu pon hold fi one long time

but yu nuh heng up because you’re already into your free 25 after 5?

like, normally, after 1.78 minutes you woulda click off and kiss yu teeth and mutter bout if dem feel yu have yu whole day fi siddung wait pon dem, and how dem a waste yu credit

but now, since  technically yu inna free minutes and it a go cost yu more fi call dem back

all yu can do a murmur, and hope seh dem click back over inna di middle a di murmuring fi know seh yu displeased

and is like di whole power structure change, since before yu coulda hype how dem a nyam off yu money, but now caw yu chea frugal yu a put up wid tings weh yu never used to put up wid before, and due to how yu a budget and so, it obvious yu money nuh tall, so yu cyaan too talk to dem wid bass inna yu voice…

digicel enuh

cause dem summn yah

me deh pon call aready and opt fi keep di smaddy pon hold fi 13 minutes while me go inna appointment rather dan heng up and haffi start from scratch

and di kinda fren dem weh me have

dem willing fi do it too

i mean, don’t get me wrong

wid di stinkness a my attitude is nuttn fi me trace dem off over di free minutes weh dem a burn up

and remind dem seh me did haffi pay fi di first five

but you can never get the kind of wind in your sails of self righteousness that you could get if you were paying per minute

you cyaan REAALLY hype wid a 25 after 5


me nuh like nuttn weh mek me cyaan hype enuh

but me like tings weh free

see how dem ketch me


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