if i ruled the world- deleterious

Yu ever buck a word and di word sound like it supposed to mean summn and den it go disappoint yu an mean summn else?

Like today me mind run cross deleterious
Now, to me da word deh have real potential
Like summn LA Lewis coulda adopt and bastardize or chi ching ching coulda turn inna slang
Then again, la lewis is bastardizing numbers at this point, I think the next thing he adopts/adapts will be ‘spoon’

But I digress

Think about it…
Like smaddy a ramp wid yu an yu jus look pon dem an seh *bounty killa voice*
Uh, some bwoy better mind how dem a step to di war lord before me start get deleterious. A bwoy life get delete and him whole crew get defeat

Right now me can see miself siddung a chat wid me fren dem an dem a hype bout how dem nuh fraid fi kick people offa dem face book caw dem so deleterious wid it.

But no
It nuh mean dat enuh
*heaves great sigh of defeat*

Deleterious nuh mean say yu love delete people
It mean :1. injurious to health: deleterious gases.

*blink blink*
How is that even fair?
Dat nuh right
Kiss me teeth
Me a tun it inna slang
It a go right up there wid be-pet
of hognacious deh a road a tek life
My word a go out deh too
And anybody disagree me a get deleterious pon dem


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