reinventing the wheel – snap on smile

a beg yu pardon

but nuh dentures dis?

me know, me know smaddy a go break down the subtle differences between dis a wah me granny did have inna har purse

but, honestly

nuh dentures dis

it’s removable

you use it to improve your smile without any expensive dental work to your own teeth

and whether them admit it or not, i’m sure there’s some sort of fizzy tablet that you dissolve  in a glass of water and soak out the snap on smile a night time

the tablet may come in a container designed by marc jacobs

and may be made from pomegranate or one of the new super fruits and rejuvenate your gums while you’re wearing the snap on smile


there may even be an armani kaboodle for the whole system

but at the end of the day

as far as me know summn weh yu snap inna yu mout fi fix yu mash mout…a dentures dat

and me nah tek back nuh chat




2 Replies to “reinventing the wheel – snap on smile”

  1. FOOLINISH!!!…How bout wi jus brush, floss and rinse regularly?…how bout dat? instead of buying a smile…kmt…and it looks fake! mi muss walk round lookin like Bob from the Enzyte commercials?…no…pass

    1. a dat me a seh
      yu teeth is a full inch away from yu gums
      me nuh supposed to notice
      me nah tallk too hard tho
      me may-a need one soon
      me have me cup ready a me bed side

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