when you see calamity coming – pepper plus phone

don’t judge me!!!


now as you may or may not know, i am a trifle baff handed and given to occasion lapses in memory

thus, the fact that i have seen this calamity about to befall me clear as day, will not stop its actual occurrence (actually it has already occurred but i’ll expain that later)

so i am seasoning up meat <–this involves use of a knife, which in and of itself is an accident looking for a place to happen, but that’s another post

and i am BB-ing at the same time

of course, i am seasoning up the food with pepper, and because i am from country (which is not reflected in my cooking or farming ability) i don’t wear gloves in the kitchen or use a spoon to mix in the seasoning. me use me hand and knead it (yes a so it spell) like dumpling

now as i am cutting up the pepper, and sending BB messages, and rubbin’ een di pepper, and answering e-mails, with little more than a cursory wipe in between (just enough yo avoid the water damage that killed my second to last BB…once  again, different post dat)

as i am daubing the pepper up in the keyboard suddenly i see it.

a vision.

clear as day

a phone call

me, not remembering that the front of the phone is now a spicy deluxe combo, putting the phone to my ear

rubbing the scotch bonnet into my face side

perhaps, even into my eyes, since my phone is always slipping

and then, that slow sweet burn as my skin catches fire.

aaaah, yes.

and just as i sat down to write this post, i made a phone call

having made the phone call, my face started tingling, but i carried on posting

it was not until someone who i had told about the impending disaster asked me if it had come to pass

that it dawned on me exactly what that feeling was


i prophesied the thing

then missed it when my own prophecy came to pass

there is no side eye that can encapsulate the feelings i am having towards myself in this moment


sigh me

do not judge me!!


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