dear scotch brite – your days are numbered

Behold I give you rubbits
Your younger, cuter, biodegradable cousin
Complete with cute hard hat wearing froggy mascot

Yes, you and your knock offs may have had a 50 year strangle hold on the market
But how can you compete with something that’s non toxic, compostable, and technically art
And also comes in orange, purple, two shades of green and sea blue.
Plus did we mention 100% natural vegetable dye coloring

Yes honey
Come een like yu a analog girl in a digital world!
A $190 fi one
And me feel like after two gum up gum up cow foot pot it pop down <–then again people that use veggie dyed products don't eat cow foot
But due to how scotch brite and its casco cousins deh a town cayliss fi like $20 a one
Me feel say scotch brite ting sawt out
rub on rubbits
But only in the UPT


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