good hole update : the blog that keeps on giving

now, i don’t know if you can see this but this is a screen capture of the search terms that lead people to this blog

look at the top….tight hole cream

look at the bottom

girl p*ssy hole how to tiet <–we nah even bodda tek on di spelling and phraseology

nah seh nuttn


around 1AM each morning if i should check  my search terms, this is what i find

no lie

at least three times a week

which leads me to believe that one of two scenarios play out

1) a woman has sex with her man. she realises that for some reason he is not enjoying it. she slips down a spiral of insecurity/he blames it on her  versus his own flagging libido. she decides it is time to take matters in hand, slips into the bathroom, fires up her BB and googles ‘tight hole cream’ vowing that she will don her scarf and head downtown tomorrow to get it. if only they sold it at anne martin. sigh

me nah go bodda expain say she coulda just do her kegels and save herself the effort of inserting cake soap, alum and coconut oil into her privates

or that perhaps the man did buss off one before him come home, which is why she nah move him now….

is fi she figure dat out

scenario 2

a man has sex with his woman. it’s not as ‘cozy’ as it used to be/was expected to be. being as either  a)he is the type of man that has no problem telling a woman she is not the good ole type, or  b) he is the type of man that has enough swag to give a gift of lady tightener without getting shot in the privates, he decides to take matters into his own hands

me nah mention to him that maybe he should look into the extenze

or that perhaps they should simply try having sex with her on her back and her legs up in the air and crossed <–i read widely ok…

before suggesting that she put mashupyucoochieoxide  and gyalyucyaanhavenopickneyolin into her lady bits

me not goin mention it

if only i knew where on orange street they sold it, or maybe in orange lane. hmmmm. i feel i’m luring them here under false pretenses. why jamaicayp don’t have dis under beauty products? or maybe gynaecology

me  ago search and get di address, me a do a disservice to me readers

but anyway

fi whichever reason  people a search fi di cream haaaad

and because of the overall caylisniss of this blog it leads them here

well, more specifically…it leads them here for the loose and lazytight hole creme

i tell yu enuh

tight hole

the gift that keeps on givin

*cue the wayne marshall*

a jus me good good good good good ole wife!


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