google done lost they minds!!!!! play on playa


motor on over to

take a look at the epic background image <–yes they really must employ a work force the size of our government to keep churning them out

timidly put your mouse over it

experience the awesomeness that is yourself strumming a guitar

go on

do it

now, lose many hours pretending to be jimi hendrix.

and if you wanna learn something g’ahead and click one of the strings and behold….les paul and the gibson les paul

ohhhh google. i love you so.

don’t feel bad about all the time you’re wasting trying to pick out mary had a little lamb or no woman no cry….peep into your supervisor’s office, if they’re hunched over the keyboard with their eyes half  shut,biting their lips and doing a discreet head bang

they’re doing the same thing

nneyyerrrrrrreererrerererrere <–thats the guitar sound there. get behind it


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