dear man in the bank

Me hope yu a look as me a write dis
Yu have been lookin at everything else
A me and yu come here together
Or better yet…
We have some kinda joint BB plan?
Can please tell me why yu tun roun inna di line
Back to back wid di man in fronta yu
Face to face wid me
Wid yu hand a yu mout a tek een EVERYTING weh me a type inna me BB
Imagine my surprise
As I glance up to survey my surroundings
See if anybody cute walk een <–no to that
And see you so deep inna di convo nearly most yu figgat fi look up
A wah?
Yu nuh have credit can text?
Nuh big batty gyal nuh inna di bank fi yu psssst afta?
And see
As me start type dis yu did tun roun
But I can see your curiosity has gotten the better of you cus see yu tun sideways now and a try gimme a over di shoulderr glance
Dats why me nuh have prrivacy screen enuh
Caw unnu nuh haffi buy out me story
Me gi it weh
And a likkle bit bout yuself as brawta


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