remember that whole exploding sun in 2012 thing….

it may not come to pass after all

right about now we should be moving into a period of solar activity that would culminate some time around december 21 2012 with one big ass light show.

This expected increase in sun spots and flaring seemed to corroborate the 2012 as the end of the world rumours that have been swirling, especially since it’s expected that next time God would come for the world in fire

but a curious thing happened on the way to the bank…the sun, went silent


peep the link here for the yahoo news goodness

another armageddon disappointment in the making?

so, what this mean now? after the may 2011 debacle silent rapture

what this mean fi we now

we must put we money pon October 2011 as the end of the world?

or the sun a try fool we up and lure us into a false sense of calm so we stop buy sun screen and build storm bunker <–because surely the end of the world will only take place on the surface, and if you’re underground God (though all seeing) will not know you’re there and you can skip the whole fiery death thing*armageddon sideeye*

see why me jus a live out me life?

yu cyaan tell

documentary a tell yu one ting

science a corroborate it

and den sun just trample up dat r*ss

walk out sun

a you name weh yu name



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