have you ever been one somebody’s facebook page

and you see a comment from someone who you were pretty certain was your fb friend

but one of them who hasnt come up in your timeline for a while (since facebook a rate and grade yu frenships based on how many times you interact in an hour, it nuh hard fi smaddy drop offa di timeline)

so you decide to click on over to their page and maybe drop a friendly hail

only to find that pesky ‘add as friend’ button on the top right hand <–da button deh can come een like a slap in di face eeh?

and then you have that moment, when you have to decide if you were actually facebook friends with them

and if you were, and you didnt delete them (because is a person yu rate and ting and them nuh post enough eediat status message or eediat comment pon yu page fi warrant a delete)

now yu haffi a wonder if dem delete you

and …why :-s

and is not smaddy weh yu waan brush off, so now yu all a check yuself…maybe something you said may have been misconstrued as devil worship? maybe smaddy a spread rumour seh yu a tief people man? maybe dem just stop like yu šŸ˜¦

maybe yu never add them inna di first place….

yes, thats it. you were bredrensĀ  in real life, but not on facebook <–because this happens so regularly *side eye*

but what if you weren’t and dem did really delete yu?

and now yu add dem back…yu nah go look like punk?

or worse…suppose dem nuh accept di add but mek it languish inna facebook purgatory…suppose dem click *gasp* ‘not now’

and inna yuself yu waan add dem enuh

but yu shame tree a flourish and a bloom

and yu owna mind a spread manure a di root!

what to do….see di smaddy and waan talk to dem and ignore it?

bite di bullet and PRAY say a early onset alzheimer’s an yu never actually fren dem??


the solution is simple

well it can be simple….

one option is to

1) go to your inbox and type them name and see of any communication ever transpire between you two

2) go down your wall and their wall (if you can) to see if any wall posts have passed between you two. (that would be proof of past friendship)

3)call ne of your stalkeriffic friends and ask if dem ‘nuh memba one time when you and so and so a did fren’


Option 2





open their profile in a separate window (so you don’t lose it and have to hit the back button 5 million times to find it) close the laptop and go eat a sammich or something while you contemplate how to proceed. it ain’t life and death. if months passed before you realised they were gone (provided they were there to start), 30 minutes without access to their farmville updates won’t kill you


but i just hate the feeling that i may be the bait who adds back somebody who deleted me. call it what you will but dem ting deh mek me cyaan sleep a night time

*opens window*

*closes computer*



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