yu ever a try tief and view smaddy bb profile pic

and end up PING! !!them instead

then yu jus feel like dis

yu get ketch!

dem know weh yu a do!

caw yu nuh sen PING!!!

worse…when a all 2am. and yu know di smaddy a go wake up an see it and a awkward convo a go ensue?

and due to how BB nuh have no virus weh randomly sen out ping…yu nuh have no excuse

yu know whe me do

delete dem


delete dem rass

dat end di convo immediately

and tomorrow yu add dem back and claim seh sittn did go wrong wid yu phone


look ‘ere!

as a stalker yu haffi have tactics

yu cyaan jus a walk bout so widout a plan B

and if yu know wah good fi yu, work pon yu hand eye coordination

we nah go accep’ many more of these types of mishaps



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