ahm, mr mention inna scotiabank..about the pillow case brief now

why sir?


first of all your shorts are lime green. the only tings that should be lime green….are limes.

nex ting

why yu pants deh way down deso?

nuh mistake me, me hate see people wid dem pants a dem waist, but i think the rule of thumb is this – if your pants are so low that if your boxers/briefs weren’t there we would have a clear view of your anus..pull dem up!

but this post isn’t even about that enuh

it is about quality of drawz

if you insist in moggling your underwear as outerwear then please have the common decency to pick some that people want to look at

what is this?

it look like pillow case

or worse…not even the pillow caw because nobody nein a go tek dat put pon dem bed

but rather di material weh di pillow mek outta, weh people assume used to be flour sack and hurry up and hide when di nice pillow case

and it cannot be seen in the photo…but di summn out fi start pick out inna hole, di seat a it (yes because i can see that too) wash out and it gives the overall effect of a pirate’s flag that’s spent too many days in the burning sun and wretched wind o’er the salty seas


and yet him a miggle it inna bank and all a lean over counter fi flirt wid teller and gi we a better view

caw why?

dem people yah need some almshouse fren like mine enuh, who will see you wlk through the door in you well planned outfit and just say ‘ahm…no’ and siddung back caw dem nah go a road wid yu look so


and him feel cute enuh, inna him citrus shorts and orchid drawz


fava me granny old tie head.



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