little monsters revolt! weird al yankovich lady gaga parody- i perform this way

come on

you knew it was coming

an official gaga parody has been in the making since…well….since her album dropped, two albums ago

weird al, you know, sometimes you miss it, and then there are times like this when its just perfection

you, weird al, are one ugly woman…believe me…yu cyaan be any kinda trans human

and bless the person who spent the many nights super imposing your head onto that woman’s body

and bless that oman for having no bone

and bless gaga for giving us inspiration


i’m sure my critics will say its a grotesque display well they can bite me baby i perform this way<– do you?

ohh wait til dem say i’m so completely original…my new look is all the rage

yu know how long me a say gaga fi stop bite madonna?

at least gi har props fi har bra and hairstyle cho

and why di porcupine soun like him coulda inna uwi singers

and…well i have been waiting for gaga to perform with exposed innards for some time now, but she a ‘itch wid di ting

i think when smaddy just start do all a di summn dem whe gaga do yu realise seh dem nuh really have no rhyme or reason <–once you silence her super deep rhetoric that she attaches to everything, including taking a fart


gaga: we are all made up of the elements, and we must release back into the universe, if not, we will be blown away by our own selfishness and the gays won’t get marriage <–you know she always gotta link it back honey

*side eye*

*little monster claw*


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