things that confuse me…windowless bathrooms

a me one?

i mean, we all know what bathrooms are for right?

and we’re all clear that despite the fact that its called a BATHroom there are some essential non-bath related activities that take place in there?

why is omitting a bathroom window even an option for  contractor/builder?

you know this is where people go to take care of some of their most fragrant and private business

and since you are not a contractor in the pre-serpent garden of eden you know that people are squeamish about these things and would like evidence removed as quickly as humanly possible but yet…

its like they’re building and they’re like where can we cut some corners?

where can we skimp on the ventilation

perhaps in the shared room where people go to commit smelly acts evidence of which can only removed by lots of air.

*pats lip with index finger*

air air air

how can i get them more air

i know!

give them a door that opens directly on to the kitchen

or better yet the living room!

and put this window in the hall closet instead!


*side body*

and i know they have extractor fans that are supposed to suck up the smell as soon as you make it

but ask anyone who has ever  been next in line  after someone has taken a dump in a windowless bathroom. worse when dem a eat egg and cabbage and all dese tings and a wash it down wid milk.

even the extractor cannot save you

and at least with the window you have the option of pushing yu nose up to the louvres as you wait for the smell to die down, since yu nuh waan fly di door and shot it out and shame di smaddy who went before (and sometimes yu figget yu matches)

in the case of the extractor, wah yu a go do?

put yu nose up to di blade?

and  yu coulda spray out every victotria’s secret yu find  in deh. it still a go smell like floral sh*t

and then there is the thing that confuses me most…the windowless, extractor-less bathroom


where di smell mus go?

swirl down the drain?

are you in collusion with the febreze and scented candle people? because the smell has to go somewhere, either it will fly out all at once when you open the door to leave or it will slowly seep out under the door

either way

its gonna infiltrate the rest of the house

we do not eat powder and drink essence

and we do not fawt thin air

why we mus’ tell these lies?


yes. like a bathing area of some sort, every bathroom mus have one. this is not negotiable. a jus so it go

the next contractor weh build a windowless bathroom better ride up to work on his unicorn, caw as far as me concerned a fairy tale people dem a build fah



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