and now…the nobody canna cross it dance…i kid you not

don’t act like you didn’t see it coming

summn can be the topic of the day inna jamaica widout smaddy mek up dance bout it?

come on now!

plus yu know seh da likkle part deh weh clifton ‘cliftwang’ brown did a hop skip and jump through the currents like a surf him a surf inna him boots dem did jus a beg fi smaddy tek it on

so apparently this is a group dance, it have a part fi di fisheroomayne and fi di fishermayne separate. like di waltz

yes. no solo dancing here

also, it seems dat in di event of a flood, the gully creeper is the appropriate means of making your way across….but me guess like how gully creeper build a jamaica, and fi we gully dem every dutty and nobody canna cross dem <–i swear is accident mek me seh dat, but a true

i suppose di dance did build fi dem yah conditions from time.

tek een di water a wash dem weh


*grab on pon straw*

anywho…me cyan do da dance yah, caw me nuh know one smaddy who a go partner wid me who a go mek me jump pon dem back

and please believe yu nah go jump pon mine

not even fi di nanny!

but, if me go session and di song buss, me a do a likkle jig and a gully creep and feel cute yes

why not

local celebrity and all dese tings

me like how me country gwaan

trus me!

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