while you were busy discussing who canna cross it, hawaii invaded invaded our shores JBoog -do it again

no. i’m not joking

allow me to introduce jboog…no not the one from B2K (yu did know seh B2K have greatest hits album? it nuh have nuttn fi do wid dis post, but i thought you should know)

anyways, he’s of samoan descent (but really he’s from compton, west side son!) and moved to hawaii back in 2006.

through some link up wid gramps morgan he ended up in the Jamaican music scene and here he is on a don corleone riddim dealing wid it wickedly.


a) yu nuh expec fi see da man yah when yu hear da voice deh

b) the voice soun good

c) me like him <–duh, he’s a gangsta teddy bear that sings, this ticks so many boxes for me

a nuh him me waan answers bout, a di competition weh him a bring to me shores

now me mus compete wid hawaiian shimmying gyal dem?

like di head top nuh bad enough?

now me mus compete wid smaddy weh have asian hair, black people body, and latina waist line?

and dem nuh have no bone? lone cartilage?

plus di longer dem stay inna di sun a di more gawjus dem become?


me mus keep up wid di best of all worlds inna one bon fire dancing package?

a wah me look like

look here

jboog…you run een. but leff di gyal dem pon di mainland

keiva and mad michelle over yah a wait

dem will sort yu out

anyways…see him whole life story yaso courtesy of reverbnation


i believe i’ll pre-stan for him. me nuh sure me ready fi go all di way but…i feel we could go the distance.


2 responses

  1. Don did it again! and J Boog mash it up fi real! Thanks for the intro to this artist…
    If you never saw the vid you would think he was a yardie…. putting this in ma favourites

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