wifeys of the world…sit down, tifa is here to take your man -matie wine

who shocked?

after di good ole wife buss me know it was only a matter of time before the maties of the world made a conference call from their pre-paid phones seated in their one bedroom apartments and took a decision to stop this

(as opposed to the wife dem who have dem post paid phone inna dem 3 bedroom house <–so me get it so me sell it me nuh add nuh tax)

riddim up!

a nuh new summn

watch how buju come talk bout him love him house him love him cyaar him love him money and ting but most of all him love him brownin

and when di dark skin ooman dem start acid him see how song buss bout him a cry fi black ooman

cry fi di stone dem weh we a fling!

seeit deh

wifey dem get a entire riddim, matrimoney riddim deh a road a walk out pon dem

di matie dem was mus’ bound and compound fi revolt

and due to how di producer dem have one a each, dem a  encourage it

i enjoy tifa, she is cayliss, but in an uptown way. like yu know she go school, but she will dip up unda yu

if me coulda te back di summn me’da tek it back but yu man done love it aready. wat a dilemma


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