due to how jamaican people nuh have manners nuh more

Me stand up inna di line outside a di bank (yes chile, me done get bout 5 tings done aready, I am stuntin’ today!)
And one woman walk up and say good mornin’ and yu waan see everybody a flounder
Who did have face down inna phone so dem nuh haffi talk to nobody haffi tear dem eye weh from di screen and mutter a likkle summn
All who stan’ up wid hand fold cross chest and ‘nuh chat to me’ stamp inna dem forehead haffi tek down di sign and memba do basic manners weh dem mumma teach dem
All who a stare inna space and a imagine weh dem a go eat fi lunch haffi puddung di imaginary chicken wid di curry goat gravy a drip offa it and use dem voice fi di first time fi di mawnin. Suppose yu hear how it crusty
And yu can see everybody, myself included, feelin a likkle bad bout demself caw dem did jus walk up and park demself inna di line and nuh utter a word to nobody
And everybody realise say dem nah live up to wah dem granny say, dem a let har down indeed for she did say when yu see people yu mus greet dem but di whole a we so modern and important we live inna we owna world an nuh have time fi dem summn deh agen

She boof me up wid har good behaviour
Me say mawnin sometimes but recently me get lax and me really haffi go do better in truth
Me a greet crowd a people from now on
Or at least for the rest of the day or until the guilt wears off
Me modda raise me better dan dat
And me cyaan have har name a tarnish a road

Good mornin reader
And good howdy do


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