wow, everybody weh work a records unit a gangsta

I tell yu enuh
Of all the types of gangsta that eist, government worker gangsta brings me the most joy
Now don’t ask me how, perhaps duke street is in dudus constituency but a bear gangsta and wanna be thug work dung here
Everybody pants extra fitted <–whoda thunk you'd see the date when that was a sign of thuggery
Face bleach out
Clarks shoes a beat dem bad
Dem a waalk wid toe point out inna bout third position
And all when dem a carry di paper wid ppl finger print pon it dem have it fold up and di two finger dem a point like imaginary gun
Me nuh know wah inna di water but me waan work dung yaso
In other news….me NEED a privacy screen fi me phone because di way how dem people yah a buy out everyting me type yu woulda tink a sale over ben' dung market

Oh. Di line a move. Time to shuffle chairs again. Bye!


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