what is it about foolishness

That just makes me spend all my money
Case in point these millows
That’s mini mallows to the uninitiated
Without a thought I saw them
I uttered a shriek of excitement and clapped like a seal
And went running off to purchase
When I realised it costs $19 the pimp in me stepped up and I bought two
(Hustle hard son, I’m flossin on these hoes)

But please believe if it had been regular sized marshmallows
I woulda walked by
Or summn I need everyday like paper or pencil lead
I woulda stepped on over and left
But because they are mini
In my mind they are somehow special-er and fun-er and worthy of purchase

…Essentially the same marketingg techniques that work on 5 year olds, work on me
So yes I do buy the cereal with the free toy
A wah
If me can get cereal and toy fi di same price as cereal hell yeah!
Mini mallows to me ting
Don’t hate me cus my life is fun-er than yours
Om nom nom nom


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