am i the only one (BBwin)

Who feels a sense of triumph when I catch someone in the middle of writing a message to me on BB
Is like if I should be looking at my contact list and I see that little green font come up with the ‘is writing a message’
I want to beat yu to it and write ketch yu!!!!
Mwahahahahahahah (yes an actual evil laugh)
Me ketch yu a type message!
I don’t know why, but I literally have to hold myself back
I guess its not so high risk even if I did it except in the case that the person is typing something
A) bad/sad that’s happening to them
Can imagine
Them- my dog just died
Me- a ketch yu mwahahhahahhahahahahah
Me- *deletes person from sheer embarrassment*

Or maybe they were getting ready to give me an NYC bus style tracing
Them- come labba juice me stinkin batty hole
Me-a ketch yu! Mwahahahhahahah
Them- but a wah do da eediat gyal ya
Me-*deletes and has person… removed from planet as punishment for talking to me that way*

Or maybe they’re the type of person who would never get it
Me-a ketch yu! Mwahahhahahhaha
Them- :s ketch me doing what?
Them-typing what
Me-this message
Them- errrr, what do you mean
Me- *triumphant smile fades from face*
I caught you when you were typing the message saying hi, I was trying to beat you to it and talk to you first
Them-well, what do you mean you ‘caught’ me, how did you ‘catch’ me
Me-*wishing I had followed my mind and accidentally lost this contact due to some fake BB mishap months ago*
I was looking through my contact list just as you started typing the message so I saw when it said you were writing a message. I was trying to frighten you with the ‘I ketch yu’
Them-*deciding to try to be cute*
Oh, why were you just looking at the list? Stalking me? *wink*
Me- *silence unfurls* *confusion swirls* *millions of things I could say to this eejit about the class calibre and IQ of people I stalk run through my head* *my brain stalls on the fact that someone I had to explain a simple joke to may dare to believe I could ever want to touch/hug/kiss/put my lady bits by them* *chooses response carefully and decides on* LOL <–non committal and people love to think they're funny
*closes convo and makes mental note to have BB accidentally lose contacts sometime soon*

So…I don't play I ketch yu, unless a wid me real fren dem. Because if is happen at di wrong time too many times me contacts list a go dwindle and man kind a go extinct
Also…people may get the impression that I'm just sitting there looking at my BB list hoping for conversations to start
And that I am so kind of creepy BB addicted lonely person
Which I am not
I speak to real live people at least twice a day
And still remember how to use my voice
So there
A ketch yu!!!!


4 Replies to “am i the only one (BBwin)”

    1. oh dear.
      well if you don’t have a BB then it will mean nothing to you
      but i do have a BB so it ain’t pointless to me.
      guess you can think of it like summn you overheard but wish you handn’t

  1. Lol I googled “labba juice” and stumbled on ur post DWL! I found it funny. Of course non-bb persons wudnt get it.. Oh well, too bad for them lol

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