you ever accidentally flush the toilet…

And afterwards you remember you don’t have any water….
Well its never really afterwards is it?
Its usually at the exact moment when you apply enough force to depress the handle
And you hear the water begin to swirl away
That’s the moment your memory kicks in
And you want to run back, slide on your belly and bawl out NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
and try to grab it back

But instead what do you do?
Stand there and feel like a dumb ass
And hope nobody in the house  hears the toilet flushing and realises you’re the one that wasted THE WATER <–yes, in that moment, a nuh just water, is THE water, all the water, our ONLY water….aarrggghhhhhhhhhhh
you coulda opened the toilet tank and used some to wash your hands
If drought strike yu maybe coulda drink it
yu coulda use it to wash out creme outta yu hair before it burns up your scalp malcolm X style

All yu hopes and yu dreams a flush down di drain
And a you

Yu know wah yu do if yu smart?
Pack up whichever bathroom activity yu did intend fi carry out
Put on yu innocent face
And go siddung outside weh people can see yu
If dem nuh realise whaa gwaan
Yu may noh haffi foot di blame
But if dem do realise….
Prepare to have it look like an episode of survivor and you just threw away the last jar of peanut butter
Lone carcass dem a find weh you used to deh.



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