late night fun frigidaire style

*Enter kitchen
*Scratch self
*Turn on light or open fridge
*Scratch self <—why are we so itchy at night? Mystery enuh
*Think about what to drink
-Pepsi- too harsh
-Water- but me mouth taste like mouth, me nuh waan drink dat
-Kool-Aid – too much sugar me haffi go brush teeth again
-Beer- cho, cyaan bodda go open nuh bokkle
*Scratch self
*Start to close fridge door
Hmmm, I haven't had milk in a while
And it is cold
And milky and so delicious, and its 1% so its virtually fat free
Hmmm. Milk. Yes. That's what I want
Why did I ever stop drinkin milk its so awesome?
Where's the glass?
So far
*Open carton
*cast furtive glances around
*is satisfied only the dogs are watching and they can be bribed with bully beef
*Pour milk directly into mouth making sure not to backwash
*hear a sound and jump accidentally backwashing
*Put carton back in exact position
*look around again, feelin kinda fool about jumpin like an eediat.
*Takes one last scratch
*Consider washing it down with some milky mouth flavoured water
*G back to bed feeling pretty smug because no one will ever know what happened
*Prepare for morning when you can gloat about the fact that someone may be drinking your cooties
Suck on that!mwahahhahahahhahahahha

And that's how we get our late night kicks here at chateau de mooretalk

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