why i like spice

When last yu see spice widout blue or blue-ish hair?
Think about it?
From blue kanekalon to high class blue yaki if such a thing exists
Spice mek up har mind (much like mary j. Blige’s decision that God intended her to be shades of strawberry blonde)
Spice decide say a blue hair she shoulda born wid
And a Jesus say dat
And me like spice enuh
Me like har
But yu know when me decide say me love har?
When spice put di hundred and fifty pound a blue curls pon har head top and jus walk out
Me nah go bother mention marge simpson and har sister dem. From she utter di first scawn dem everybody supposed to go d’oh and a wonder weh millhouse deh
Yu see di conviction pon her face?
Spice look like a har church hair she have on enuh
Like she coulda walk inna mega mart pick up some donuts and go on home go watch rising stars
No problem
Me not even a go mention how she an lisa hype a war fi di jamaican gaga position
Because right now if she sweat and try wipe it pon her shoulder she tear off har jaw
And har titty look like dem trapped under church window
Lone stained glass me a look pon
But a spice!
And she nuh care!
And she will ansa anybody
And me like dat bout har
If di whole a we tun alien
And we need a fearless leader
Me a nominate yu
Caw we done know yu can pull off di look
One time

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